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Job Vacancies at Mr Price No Experience – Salaries & Apply Online


In the current day, given the recurring financial crises we are all facing, it is undeniable that several areas of people’s lives are being affected.

Besides the rise in prices, the December rates are increasingly worrying. In this context, there is now a great deal of competition in the market to compete for the available labor market spaces, specially in Mr Price.


Mr Price
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Because of this, it is becoming more and more difficult to find jobs in the market that do not require previous experience.

However, it is still possible to find such possibilities. To do this, we have filtered the top jobs available for Mr Price, which you do not need to have previous experience.


Mr Price

Formed by designers, makers, artisans and enthusiasts in the field of clothing, Mr Price Group is about a retail company that unites fashion information with a lower cost benefit among other items. In addition, it is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange .

Founded in 1985, the retailer has 2,543 stores, mainly in South Africa, its home country, as well as online channels. In this regard, the company operates in four segments: Apparel, Household Utilities, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.

Harmonizing the dressing of a department store, the Mr Price company seeks to integrate what is common, affordable prices to the quality of its products.

How to apply for a job at Mr Price?

According to the premise of Mr Price’s managers, the developers value the high development of the retailer and that they stand out in the market.

In this sense, it is very common for this company to hire a variety of people in various positions, claiming to provide an opportunity for candidates’ experience and skill in Fast Fashion and Retail.

To this end, there is a strong search with recent graduates especially in the areas of retail, trade/business, fashion, commodities, logistics/supply chain, accounting/finance, mathematics, statistics, economics, digital marketing, design, HR, auditing, and IT specialization and qualifications.

However, people without any academic background can also enjoy some opportunities, as we will see below:

Jobs at Mr Price without experience

(Part-time and full-time jobs)

Salary: from $577.49 to $1154.98 per month

Minimum requirements: 12th grade / Matric Certificate, must be between 18-33 years old, unemployed South African citizen, no criminal record, no training is required, no experience is necessary.

1. Packers

This professional will be able to pack, bag, and crate goods. They will also provide support by transporting the products to the various areas of an establishment. In addition, they will be responsible for checking the weight, prices, and codes of the merchandise.

2. Security Guards

Responsible for watching over the company’s premises in order to prevent, control, and fight possible crimes. In addition, he receives and controls the movement of people in free and restricted access areas.

3. CCTV Operator

Operates with monitoring through cameras, performing access control of pedestrians and cars. In addition to observing and recording occurrences to pass on to the immediate superior, preparing reports with the events of the day.

  • Locations: Gauteng (Company 1), Eastern Cape (Press 2), Free State (Press 3), Northern Cape (Press 4), Limpopo (Press 5), Mpumalanga (Press 6), Western Cape (Press 7), North West (Press 8) and KZN (Press 9).

Although internationally known, Mr Price has greater opportunities for jobs without experience in physical stores in its home country of South Africa.

So, in summary, the employees always try to emphasize the democratic nature of hiring diverse people nationally, with or without experience, to add strengths to the retailer and develop economically throughout the country and the world.

In addition, among the guidelines, the company stresses that its goal is to hire people willing to work, providing complementation such as preparation and courses provided by the company itself.

It is also among the company’s guidelines to provide great opportunities for recent graduates seeking their first job openings, an excellent advantage for those who are starting out and need to enrich their resumes.

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